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"Rediscovering Magic, Connection, and the Power of Respect" with Daniel Levin

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In this episode of "Boldly Authentic," host Cynthia Fontaine introduces her guest, Daniel Levin, who is described as an incredible human being. Daniel is the author of "The Mosaic," a masterful storyteller, mystic, and intuitive. Cynthia praises Daniel's ability to hold space and share his love in a profound way. She credits him for her personal growth and expresses excitement about having him as a guest on the podcast. The episode promises to uncover the secrets of reclaiming one's magic and living life on purpose.

Episode Notes

ūüéôÔłŹ Episode Transformation: "Unveiling Magic, Connection, and the Power of Respect"

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and rediscover lost magic in this episode with Cynthia and special guest Daniel Levin. The podcast host reflects on her path and the yearning for fulfillment she once dreamed of. Exploring personal development realms like consciousness, personality profiles, and healing, Seeking the path to reclaiming magic and purposeful living, Daniel being part of this adventure. 

Discover how Clubhouse turned into a unique meditation form. As Daniel shares his experience, meditation's tranquility blends with Clubhouse's dynamic conversations. Engaging dialogues offer fresh perspectives and a chance to be heard, showing that our inner voice seeks love, acceptance, and acknowledgment. Clubhouse becomes a meditation tool, for Daniel, a space for connection where silence births a different voice.

Respect becomes the cornerstone. Challenges and gifts, approached with reverence, foster harmony with the world. A street brawl analogy underlines self-protection's dance, born from respect for oneself. Everything holds purpose, and respect becomes a bridge, nurturing a harmonious relationship with the universe.

The episode crescendos with a call for unity and connection. By reaching out, listening, and sharing, we contribute to healing. This interconnectedness counters isolation, weaving understanding. The podcast paints a vivid picture: respect, connection, and magic intertwining, crafting a life truly lived.

Tune in to unfurl the captivating tale of rekindling magic, connecting through Clubhouse, and weaving respect into life's tapestry. Your enchanted podcast journey awaits. ūüĆüūüéß‚ú®

I have had the magnificent pleasure of getting to know and work with Danny over the last year and a half and can say unequivocally he is a remarkable human. His kind gentle nature as master storyteller, mystic, and visionary is palpable. Daniel listens and sees the heart, holding space for people to change their perspective and to align to the frequency of their purpose. He invites you

to the process. THE PROCESS

by asking questions

and listening to your answers Inviting you and/or your company to rethink everything enter your imagination challenge your status quo and invite you into

the new creation you envisioned Daniel lost his parents as a boy 2 years apart on the same day. Walked away from the opportunity to run a Muli-billion-dollar company to hitchhike around the world to find happiness and inner peace. He studied for 5 years in a seminary and left 1 day before being ordained, then lived as a monk in a

monastery for 10 years. Daniel led the growth of Hay House from 3million a year in sales to 100 million a year in sales. He is a visionary, a disruptor, a unifier, a business guy, a mystic,

and author of THE MOSAIC. 

You can BUY THE MOSAIC book and/or audio book,


You can find Daniels wife, Ana on Instagram

Episode Transcription

Cynthia Fontaine: This podcast is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or any other type of advice.

Cynthia Fontaine: Have you found yourself asking how did I get here in my life and What happened to the magic and the life that I dreamed of I have been there and I was determined to figure out how I got there I'm Cynthia Fontaine and I searched in many areas of personal development consciousness personality profiles healing and more to find the secrets to getting my magic back and Living my life on purpose boldly and Authentic and now I am going to share those secrets with you Welcome to boldly authentic the podcast.

Cynthia: I am thrilled to be here with you today wherever you are listening in the world.  This week I'm especially thrilled because I have one of the most amazing Human beings on the planet as a guest for you all today And I'm gonna tell you a little bit about him. Although what I share what I'm gonna share with you about him doesn't even scratch the surface of how incredible this human is. So, this this person that I'm gushing about his name is Daniel Levin. He is the author of the Mosaic he is a masterful Storyteller he is a mystic. He's an intuitive, he I can hold space like no other person that I've ever seen and share his love in such a huge way that I have grown in my own Life because of this man and I've had the blessing of hanging out with him, the last year and a half or so on Clubhouse. And if you all don't know what Clubhouse is, it's a drop-in audio app. I Highly recommend you go download the app. It's free. You can get it on iPhones and Androids. There's a tremendous amount of value in the talk spaces that happen there and so I met Danny on Clubhouse and I just kept going back everywhere Every they're called rooms every room that I saw him in I would jump in and because is he it just has He offers so much value What one of the things I really appreciate him is that he, listens like no other person I have ever met before. He's had such a really interesting life he was Studied for five years in a seminary and left the seminary one day before being ordained he lived as a monk in a monastery for ten years and he then went into a business a self-help business and Hay house and he took the company from three million dollars a year to a hundred million dollars a year in sales. So, Danny, welcome to the show. I am so Excited that you are here today. Thank you for offering to come on when I reached out. 

Daniel Levin:Oh My god, it's my honor. I love you dearly, you know that and I think the best thing we could possibly do right now is Do your clothes because I don't think it can get any better than what you just said All I can do is go down from where you. Esteem and You know invite your listeners to listen carefully and decide for themselves. What's true and what's not true. So, I'm teasing sort of every one thing. 

Cynthia: I forgot to mention is you are a comedian of sorts You Have a great sense of humor, which I love I really really love that so I want to I want to kind of riff a little bit and, let spirit take us wherever it's gonna go and I  do want to ask you a couple of specific things but, we could go in so many directions because you're such an incredible person, but something that we were talking about earlier was that I'd really like to get into because in the previous podcast I talked about ego and my theory about the ego and how people You know have this idea that you have to transcend the ego. You have to eliminate the ego You have to you know, the ego is bad and lets you know put it in the closet and close the door and turn off the light and My theory is the opposite my theory is that whatever we hide it gets grows bigger behind closed doors and The ego is super important for us our survival on the planet but the ego has a lot of value that even the shadow side of the ego because When we can take that shadow side of the ego and then explore it. Right, then we can get so much value out of it So in my last podcast I was like open that closet door turn the light on get that ego out of the closet give it a name give it a face and let's have a conversation with it and So this is the perfect segue into this Podcast because that's what we were talking about before we came on.

Daniel Levin: Yeah, and I love your approach and I love the invitations that you give to people and I also there's a reason why. Over the years Ego has gotten the reputation it's gotten because it can really mess people up and it can really the shadow side can really corrupt and can. When we dance with those demons, we have to have tremendous respect for them.

Cynthia: Absolutely

Daniel Levin: And you know, we have a we have a little a little statue in our house and on one side is the carved out the image of Ganesh. Ganesh is the god is the god of good fortune. Uh-huh. And other side is the image of the demon, and it was it was so interesting for me when I saw it because I said why would this be on the same statue and they said because in the tradition that it comes from They would offer both sides of the statue and offering so that if they fed the Good to good goddess god of good fortune good fortune would come and if they fed the demon The demon wouldn't be hungry and wouldn't come after them And so every morning they would give food they would give an offering to both sides And I always thought how absolutely beautiful that is and how much we lose that in the Western view of religion Spirituality yeah, oh we think ego is bad, but nothing and I'm if Everything I say take with a grain of salt and you just decide for yourself if you agree with it or not Because some of it goes against scriptural things that I don't want to be responsible for influencing you one way or another what I just think that everything has its beautiful place in this world and

Daniel Levin: Everything is calling out to be loved and accepted and listened to and heard and seen and acknowledged and When we can give that little offering of food of loving and accepting it seen and acknowledging it listening to it and hearing it Then it doesn't need to scream in tantrum and yell That's a lesson my we can talk about later that my daughter was developmentally delayed.

Cynthia:Yeah, it it that is it that's exactly the way I feel, and I love that statue having both sides and there's a commercial It's an old commercial a lot of people who listen might not remember the commercial. I Think it was from the 70s, but it had a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other and You know both of them talking in the person's ear I don't remember what the subject of the commercial was but that devil and the angel stood out for me and that's the ego right where The we have two sides of the same coin we have both sides of this the Statue and yeah when you feed the demon the demon does get quiet It's when we shove the demon or the ego in the closet I know some people might get triggered by the word demon But when we shove that ego in the closet, it just gets bigger, right? It gets more agitated Doesn't want to be in there

Daniel Levin:Yeah, I I don't know that it gets bigger. I think When I was in seminary the Rabbe taught me something. He said our problems exist on it on this level. What happens is as we get stronger in ourselves, we grow and so we get bigger and stronger and so what was what was big for us now, It looks like a little mole when we get weaker in ourselves, we shrink down and now that same problem that exists where it always looks looks like it's an insurmountable mountain. And so, I think I'm trying to think of it in a way that would be simple to say There's a reason for everything in this world, yeah and when we have a healthy respect for why things are in our Info are in our orbit in our aura in our in our field. They have a healthy respect back for us when we try and destroy like If I were to walk up to somebody and try and hit him and punch him and try and kill him They would defend themselves most likely and they would hit me and scream and yell and you know try and kill me, too Why won't that happen in everything that we work with? Why would we why would we take the point of view that I have to kill my ego, right? If I try and kill my ego my ego is going to say okay, that's big one let's see who who's let's play this one out And I eat my ego. I need my ego to function to eat to be in this world. You know contribute to the things that I do in the world. It's not nothing is inherently good or bad I mean; this is all my point of view. So, if it goes against what you believe, please believe what you believe but I Think we're misled a little bit around this Puritan belief of good and evil Yeah, and I just would like to invite the listeners to what if they were part of the same mosaic? What if they weren't separate from each other? What if they were just pieces of the whole of what Danny Levin is? 

Cynthia: Right 

Daniel Levin:And does that make it more beautiful? Does that make it less sacred? Does that make it more sacred? Does that make it ugly? So be it whatever it makes it, but I believe that I am the totality of every piece that I have buried hidden in front of me visual and there is there is the dark and the light. And I don't know that there I've always had this this like I said peculiar to you earlier and you said no, it's just interesting. But I think I've always had this peculiar belief That I guess it's like a yin-yang, you know that little dot That of black that's in that white space of the yin-yang and the little dot of white that's in the black I've always had this thought that That little dot made that all and So there's a little bit of good and you can eat in evil and a little bit of evil and good and it's and it's the way it's supposed to be.

Cynthia:Yeah, we are on the same planet the same plane brother 

Daniel Levin: And and I guess just one last thing the beauty to me of mosaic in the image of mosaic is We can decide how the pieces connect We can decide What part of the piece we want to connect to? So, if there's a piece that is completely dark but has a tiny little corner of light I can choose to connect to the light, part of that piece I He I can choose to see the light the goodness in every single human being or every single thing that exists. Because every single thing has that little spot of goodness in it or I can choose to see the evil in anything Even the most beautiful thing I can see I can choose to see oh, this is this there's evil in that these people

Daniel Levin: This isn't good, and that choice is so That choice alone Dictates the world that I live in.

Cynthia:Well, I Really? Really like that that choice alone dictates the world that I live in right because I feel like a lot of us look at the world in a sort of generalized way, oh, you know that where we just sort of somehow blend into the world and and how we see the world is Through the lens. You  in which we were trained through until we change that that training if you will and the training comes from our families are you know schooling growing up and things like that and and even when we look at the things that we a lot of people would say are bad in the world Finding that piece of gold in there Is so important and it totally I totally love the point with the yin and the yang where There's a little spot in each in the light side and the dark side because it's true and they can't exist without each other if you know we want the world is so many people want the world to be peaceful and happy and no strife and everything but without it We wouldn't know without the other side we wouldn't know what that looked like

Daniel Levin:Yeah, what's really interesting to me is that we try and change I'm going to speak of me I've spent a lot of my life trying to change the evil into good. What just came through in this conversation with you and you're really a great facilitator in this because you just brought it out of me Is that within what I think is evil is Glorious good and I don't have to change it. I just have to notice the good that's already in there Yeah, and it's not a Pollyanna should you of making something better than it is. It's actually it actually is the way it exists but when I choose to see the black part of the yin-yang and I don't see the white and I can get lost in it because I can zoom in and then feel becomes so big and all I see is black and all I see is darkness and it seems like there's darkness all around But if I come away from it a little bit

Cynthia: Yeah

Daniel Levin: And I find that little white spot then I can zoom in on that white spot and all I see is white All I see is goodness.


Daniel Levin:That's an amazing Perspectivenot because I'm saying it just because we discovered it right now together. 

Cynthia: Yeah. Yeah, that really is beautiful in it brings up in me the I'm trained in so many different things, but one of the Modalities I'm trained in is called the Invision process that was through a master Institute of coaching, MCI I forget what the title of the school was, but it was Colette Baron-Reed's original school. And In that one of the techniques that you use in the Invision process is taking yourself out of having that black having, so close to you that you can't see anything else but the black. And taking a step back and going to the observers position It's it's beautiful. And the way you explained it because I think a lot of the listeners will be able to understand that and that can be really helpful, and I love by the way that your background happens to be black and white

Daniel Levin: I Always everything that I do like even just the way I dress the cover of my book you know most of what I do is black and white because I Believe black and white gives the most Possibility yeah for people to add color to what's there.

Cynthia: I love that I really love that. You've got your the black you've got the white and then we step up into different shades of the gray until we meet an equal shade and so there are different levels their different shades of both sides of the white and the dark and then You know and then we can add color on top of that,Yeah 

Daniel Levin:Yeah, and if you think like I can't I probably won't get it right because I'm not smart enough to remember it but I think white is the culmination of all colors and black is the absence of all color It's either what it's either way or the other Right, so I might have gotten it wrong But if that's the case then in black and white is every color that actually exists. Yes, and so we just start trained to see black white, but if we could really look at the at what makes the color that whether there's black or white because I we can look it up, we'll figure it out, right? But that contains all color. Yes, Then what would prevent us from seeing all colors? That color, right? All right. Yeah, perfect. And those perspective shifts is What mosaic is all about? Is what mosaic is all about 

Cynthia: Yeah, can you talk a little bit about the mosaic? You know, a lot of the listeners might not be familiar with it So can you talk a little bit about that because it's a really powerful book

Daniel Levin:Thank you you know, I'm again I've always seen myself as a little bit peculiar in the world that I live in because I don't see the world the way everybody sees it and So at one point somebody said to me, are you ever gonna write a book about your life? And I said, I think it'd be pretty boring so I For me, it's exciting because I it's my life, but like what it catch on to anybody else. So I didn't want to write a book about my life But what I did is I fabled lies the story of my life and I wrote a fable Which I think is more interesting than just reading about somebody that somebody doesn't know about And so I wrote a story about a boy who loses his parents two years apart on the same day. And yes, the adults where his parents are, and they told him they're in a place called heaven. And so, the boy without missing a beat said I want to set out in search of the place It's called heaven and I want to find that place because I want to know again that Unconditional love that I felt when my mom and dad were alive. That's the story what's happened over the course of time is there has been another story that's been told. And that story has been told in the spaces between the words of the story Like if you look at a book The words occupy space on the page, but space occupies space on the page as well. 

Cynthia: Yeah 

Daniel Levin:And as I started to look at the inner meaning of what the Mosaic was giving me as it was being written through me. I Said why would I give up the possibility of looking at what the other half of this page is saying to me? Which is the space? And what does that space say? And I would like to again invite your listeners To see if they can feel the space between the words of our conversation. To see if they can as they're listening here. What does the silence that happens in between our words have to say yeah because if there were no silence there would be no words.

Cynthia: Right

Daniel Levin: And if there were no words there would be no silence. So, they have symbiotic relationship to each other that actually makes the other exist Mosaic. Two pieces coming together to create something greater than each piece on its own. And so, I'm only learning now, and it's been maybe four years since I wrote it or maybe even longer four or five years, I'm only really right now learning what some of the mosaic is really Is really coming to give. And and I believe that it will continue unfolding within my life and in the lives of people who care enough about it to Sit with it.

Cynthia: So that's really interesting What's some of the unfolding that has happened for you since you wrote the mosaic?

Daniel Levin:So, When I think about what it really is the story of the mosaic is about connection Mosaic as an image is the connection of one beast to another multiple pieces to multiple other pieces multiple concepts to other concepts. And so, it went from a cute little story to this vast, I was reading it again today and I would, and I was just I don't know where I got the courage to even write it. All of a sudden, he was going into different realms of existence, and it was like this was a cute little story. And it sort of got passed over in the cuteness of the story. Over in the cuteness of the story, but then as I sat with it all of a sudden, he was he's experiencing different dimensions of the dimension. Because so, if you think about connection, this is connection what's happening right here. Okay. 

Cynthia: Yeah

Daniel Levin:But what other possibilities could we have connection with? Is it possible that the existence we had on this level of existence? Could also be connected to another level of existence. And if it's possible to make that connection wouldn't that be exciting to explore? Like how the vertical mosaic and the horizontal mosaic and the inner mosaic and the outer mosaic Could all be parts of one another and how about if the pieces were in different spheres? And how about if I just took this piece from this dimension and I put this piece with this dimension, it would create the most extraordinary experimentation possible. Because up until this point of Mosaic to me there is not the cross-breeding of those different cultures.

Cynthia:Interesting interesting. So, when you say dimension, what do you mean by that? Because What do you mean by that because I know what I think about with dimensions like when you were sharing that I thought about uh quantum jumping which is Burt Goldman Goldman's work. Where you can we our lives are simultaneous, and you can Quantum jump into another dimension where you're living a very different life. So, whatis when you speak of dimensions, what does that mean for you?

Daniel Levin:So, thank you beautiful question and and I really want to say what I think Mosaic is trying to say to me in dimensions because who cares what I think I mean. I I appreciate you asking me, but I believe what mosaic is talking about is, there is we in the dimension. That I live in right here I'm space distance all are very strong realities, that separate one thing from another. In dimension of mosaic time space distance Are not separating realities. They're all part of one similar reality. And so, if I was not caught in a time frame and? I was not caught in a in a space, and I was not caught in a what was the other the other thing? If I wasn't caught by those boundaries, what would be possible. And what would be possible if I could what would be possible if I could cross from one to another and experience a different world. Hmm the the simple way of viewing it Is when I'm with somebody I can experience them right here as they are absolutely beautiful experience. But I can also experience, and I've had this experience I'm sure you have also. I mean in the work you do I'm sure you have connected people to people that are not here anymore I'm sure you've connected people to different times times in their lives. 

Cynthia: Absolutely 

Daniel Levin:Right? And so, for you of all people and for this podcast in general to highlight those moments where, imagine the data that's available to us and the ability of the skills that are available. Like if I want to be successful in business, why don't I just connect to the dimension of those people that are successful? 

Cynthia: Yeah 

Daniel Levin:I have to know them. I don't have to take I don't have to call them up. I don't have to sit in their office. I don't have to study their works. All I have to do is connect to the vibration of that of that being. And bring that success in in like a piece of a mosaic connect to it and become a part of it. If If I want to have a great relationship, I just then I Connect to the greatest lovers in the world and the greatest and the greatest Healers in the world and the greatest friends in the world. All of that is at our fingertips, when we cross dimensions. And are not limited to this time this space this locality

Cynthia: Wow Yeah, you know that makes so much sense and as you're you're expressing this and sharing this. I'm thinking wow, why haven't I connected in with this person or that person when because I know I I know I have the ability

Daniel Levin:To connect with somebody But you have and that's I mean anybody who knows you or has had a reading of yours Has seen that you have connected people back to different things that are happening People that have passed the ancestors to you know father mother, you know a different time and And that's what makes you so fascinating Yeah, that's what makes the work that you do so fascinating still not completely accepted by the world out the out here Yeah, because a three-dimensional world doesn't know how to accept the five-dimensional world

Cynthia:Yeah, it's true. And well one you know people um It's interesting because people come to me when I get especially the newbies who have never had a reading before and they're skeptical and sometimes they're afraid. And I love those people because I work in a very different way than a lot of psychic mediums out there. And I work in a proactive prescriptive predictive way. Where I actually I give homework a lot to clients Because people come to me because they want their life to be better in some way whether they didn't have closure with a loved one and they feel bad and they don't know if they did enough. They're struggling in their in their personal life somehow, they're looking for help some guidance, but we have to be our own saviors, right? That's my philosophy and so I can give the information and then what the individual does with it is up to them, but the one thing that I that freaks people out that I am able to do is I can remote view. So that does that does freak some people out because when I'm working with a particular, you know when I'm working with a client I can actually see their house And you know, it it's kind of weird, but um, that might be a little over the top for some people But that that does freak some people out.

Daniel Levin:So, so, and and understandably, I mean because if you're if that's a new concept for you Then that's like oh my god, you know, how's that even possible? Right? But I found the things that I'm most scared of are the things that I become the most excited by When I allow what's mosaic really? Mosaic is the ability to take a new perspective to see something from that you've always seen one way from another piece's point of view. 

Cynthia: Yeah 

Daniel Levin:To be able to when you connect those pieces say how would this piece see that 

Cynthia: Right 

Daniel Levin: And and to create a new perspective Like just because we are scared of something doesn't mean it's true Just because we haven't had the experience of it doesn't mean that it can't exist, right? And so, the beauty to me of this whole like process of mosaic growing in me Is what happens the more that I allow myself to connect. To different points of view to different perspectives to different possibilities to different realms. To different creations to different ideas. Like I don't know if you've ever had this experience I don't know if you've ever had this experience and again, remember I'm a little peculiar but, there have been moments in my time drug-free that I have literally heard inanimate objects speaking to me.

Cynthia: Okay, so now you're talking about the you're talking to the girl who talks to horses, dogs, trees.

Daniel Levin:Okay, so good! So, So, so, those things are not Phenomenon's, yeah those are realities that Just take a little bit more vision than some than somebody else has it's not better or worse It's just suddenly something opens up You've had you've had the experience in your life and that's why people come to you and adore you. Because you've had the experience where your eyes can look at the same thing somebody else sees. And see it differently see see ,see dimensions of it that are different than what most people see It's not more right or more wrong. It's just an expanded view of. what they're seeing right Some people like that. Some people are scared to death of that.

Cynthia: Right, sure

Daniel Levin:That doesn't make it that doesn't whether they like it or scared to death of it doesn't make it any less real.


Daniel Levin: Imagine that in every aspect of our being. And that's what mosaic does because we're one piece away from understanding every reality. We just have to find a way to connect to it. 

Cynthia: Yeah Beautiful beautiful. So, let me ask the mosaic this question  and this might be a difficult one. You know, we're seeing a lot of of of situations in the U.S. This particular year and of course, you know, the last couple of years have been difficult global wide and we're seeing a lot of things in the U.S. in this particular year, especially where people are seeing that one dimensional Element and are acting out of fear And it's hurting other people What could the mosaic maybe say about that if anything?

Daniel Levin: I can only tell you what it's shared with me. It doesn't mean that it's going to be helpful to anybody else Um I'm one piece of a mosaic The more I connect to pieces around me. The more perspectives I get. And I don't get them from being outside of them because now we're actually connected. So now I've allowed another person another perspective another situation another reality, to literally connect to me And help me understand how that reality is also my reality.


Daniel Levin: What we experience what I experience what I think the question is you're asking is Our fear has made us scared of anything that we don't believe in.

Cynthia:Yes, Yes 

Daniel Levin: Fear has made us think that because someone's skin color is different than ours. That they're not they're they're not something we should be with, or we should, or we should be scared of them our skin or because they practice another faith than we have. They're wrong and we're right. 

Cynthia: Yes

Daniel Levin:Because the behind a certain imaginary border. That makes our country, our country and their country their country that we can't coexist with them. 


Daniel Levin: Where did those imaginary rules come from? 

Cynthia: Yes 

Daniel Levin: How in the world ,where we did, we were we not only taught those but did we how did we ever believe those? 

Cynthia: Yeah 

Daniel Levin: Because People are not the result of their skin color or their border or their religion. People are the result of how we incorporate the data that we're given. And how our hearts either open to it or shut down to it.

Cynthia: Yeah

Daniel Levin: And we have a decision in every moment of time, to love or to be scared. 

Cynthia: Yeah 

Daniel Levin: I don't think we ever choose to hate. Maybe we choose to hate sometimes, maybe someone chooses to hate. But I think they choose to be afraid and when they're afraid they have to they have they they have to dislike. What they're afraid of? What would happen if we fell in love with what we were afraid of? 

Cynthia: Yeah, like like the ego, right? 

Daniel Levin: What would happen if we fell in love with the ego and 

Cynthia: Yeah, that was a beautiful response to my question and I love how you Read the space in between the question. And we're able to see the, space in between that question and your response was, was really beautiful. I really appreciate that

Cynthia Fontaine: Um

Daniel Levin:Well you have you have you know this already, but you have an uncanny ability to draw out of somebody. Information that may not have ever been there before. So I don't know that this is me answering the question, without you, so I appreciate what's the connection that's happening here. That is creating For me some things that I'm seeing for the first time. 

Cynthia: Oh, that's beautiful. And you know how much I love working with you!

Daniel Levin: Yeah,

Cynthia: I feel like you know, we ,we have something. 

Daniel Levin: I don't know.

Cynthia: You know, it's I feel just so fortunate and blessed that Fates brought us together in the universe, you know where we can be here today seeing each other and recording this and and I really really honor and treasure your friendship in such a deep way

Daniel Levin: Thank you. Yeah obviously the same. Same happens here the other way around. 

Cynthia: Yeah Yeah, yeah You know one thing that that you do on clubhouse that I think is really interesting I want to ask about and because it makes people uncomfortable. In a lot of cases where you know, you'll you'll put a topic out, and for those who don't know what clubhouse is, you know I shared earlier go and download the audio app. And I know there's lots of recordings in there that Daniel has and from past shows that he's done and so forth and mine as well. My club is all things psychic Daniel's club is the mosaic. Go check it out and go listen to some of those past recordings. But one of the things that that you do is, you let silence fill the room. And some people get really uncomfortable with that.

Daniel Levin: Yes

Cynthia: I love that! Yeah, I love that you do that. And and do you do you want to expand on that or talk about that at all? 

Daniel Levin: Sure, one of the things I found over the course of time Is how much we love to fill space with noise. I'm i'm You know most guilty of it Um, I I love to talk. I love to hear the words that I say I love to hear the words other people say. But when I sit in the quiet of my meditation, when I become silent, there's a different voice that occupies my space. And so I wanted to see in a speaking app I mean It's a it's you don't see each other in clubhouse


Daniel Levin: You have people that come into this quote ‚Äúunquote‚ÄĚ room. It's not a room. We're not in any physical environment and they speak to each other. And conversations can get very heated in some rooms. People can interrupt one another, people can, you know talk over one another. People can disrespect each other, people can fall in love with each other. Without being ever seen, hearing, feeling, touching, smelling, tasting, anything but just from the sound of voice.


Daniel Levin: So, I wondered what would happen if I removed that from the space What would happen? And how would people, if they got uncomfortable, experience their discomfort? Because why would we be uncomfortable in silence?Like, that's the experiment to me. The whole room was an experiment. And I'm you're making you want to go back on and and be on it. I haven't been on for about six months.

Cynthia: Um

Daniel Levin:But I so enjoyed the experiment.

Cynthia: Yeah 

Daniel Levin: Of offering spaces to people that were different than the spaces they normally sat in.

Cynthia:Yeah, Um 

Daniel Levin: To me space is probably the most beautiful, thing I can offer somebody.


Daniel Levin: It isn't my words. It's the ability to hold a space, for people to be able to experience the experience of themselves. 

Cynthia:Yeah, Yeah.

And I, I think, and this is my thinking. That you know people don't know who they are. And they have, they. I've been guilty of this. Where I have filled the space with exterior things whether it's a million classes or, you know, whatever and an so I'm filling the space of my mind. Maybe some of that was because, I didn't like the person that I thought I was in that mind.And that goes back to the data that was input and. So, you know the space has given me the opportunity, to see myself in a different dimension.

Daniel Levin: Without the data I love when a conversation sort of comes around the circle We started out talking about ego.

Cynthia: Um

Daniel Levin:And really that, that voice that noise that part of me that blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, is all my ego. It's all this human being trying to communicate.


Daniel Levin: I don't think I try to impress anymore. I used to a whole lot, but I don't think I'm so concerned with that anymore. Because you have every right to think of me. Whatever you choose and it's not my job to make you think other than me than you choose. But what is the equalizer Is, when we can share quiet together, and so when there's no words. Just like in the practice of my meditation. In the meditation another voice can appear. And so, clubhouse for me was an experiment to see what would happen. Like I said, please don't like there were very few rules in our room What the rules were? Please don't ever tell anybody what to do. 

Cynthia: Yeah 

Daniel Levin: You can tell them what you do, but please don't tell them what you think they should do.


Daniel Levin: Because I found from my own experience, sometimes I was right and sometimes I was wrong. But Each person, when they had the opportunity to discover their own actionable, action. 

Cynthia: Yeah 

Daniel Levin: From that inner voice of their own 

Cynthia: Mm-hmm

Daniel Levin:It was so much more powerful than when they got what I told them to do or what somebody else told them to do.


Daniel Levin: Lest we give space to that quiet voice, it won't impose on us it hasn't that's my been my reality. It doesn't stand up and fight and look for space and say, ‚Äúhey listen to me, Listen to me‚ÄĚ. That's our friend the ego, which we started our conversation about, that's the one that's talking all the time.

Cynthia:Right? Right

Daniel Levin: But when I can quiet and I can say hey, you know what? I love you, brother. You've been, you've been really a help I'd like to just sit quietly with you now and see if there's another voice in these connected realities, that we are all experiencing together. That's neither my voice or your voice but it's a collective voice. Let's see what we hear Yeah, would that be worth an experiment? 

Cynthia: I think it's worth the experiment. I certainly enjoyed and appreciated and really that's what meditation is about, right. It's the thoughts that come into the mind is the ego. Where the mind is always thinking and and in my experience, I find that People will say to me often I can't meditate my mind never stops. Well, the it's the gap it's that space in between it's the white space in between the words That's where the magic happens and that's when that voice that other voice can drop in and it can happen in a split second

Daniel Levin: You know When I went to the gym and I used to work out a lot I ended up being able to bench press 345 pounds. 

Cynthia: Wow 

Daniel Levin: Well, I couldn't bench press 345 pounds when I first sat down right When someone says to me, I can't meditate. Of course you can't you haven't put any effort into trying to do it, right? Like why don't we sit together? And just practice stillness forget about meditating. 

Cynthia: Yeah 

Daniel Levin: Why don't we just be quiet for a little bit? 

Cynthia: Yeah

Daniel Levin: and allow yourself to follow those thoughts in your head for a little bit. Until you get tired of listening to them and say hey, you know, I wonder what's behind the thoughts in my head. Is there is there something behind the thought that I have in my head? 

Cynthia: Yeah 

Daniel Levin: that I might be able to touch in this quiet. For me clubhouse was a was a meditation practice. 

Cynthia: Yeah 

Daniel Levin: It was it was offering another perspective. It was listening I believe everything in life Wants to be loved and accepted listened to and heard and seen and acknowledged. 

Cynthia: Yeah

Daniel Levin: even my own inner voice. 

Cynthia: Yeah 

Daniel Levin: And when I give permission for that to happen Without the opposition of the ego that says no, I know what to do. Don't worry You know, I used to be the greatest fixer in the world. I would walk into a room I was trained to walk into a room and find 10 things wrong with a perfect room in 30 seconds. And I could find them all the time people would walk in they say this room is perfect. There's nothing wrong with it and my teacher would say, Danny,go and see if you can find anything.

Cynthia: Wow, Oh 

Daniel Levin: and in 30 seconds, I would find 10 things wrong with it. Wow And I said, why would you do that because like why not just allow people to see it beautifully they said well Because you can't fix it Unless you can see what's wrong with it and I said And so I I built a very good career fixing things fixing people fixing situations Until I got sick of fixing things And all I wanted to do was just love things

Daniel Levin:I just wanted to say how would it be if you didn't need to be fixed? How would it be if I just loved you exactly the way you are? 

Cynthia: Yeah 

Daniel Levin:Because everybody wants to be loved and accepted. 

Cynthia: Yeah, 

Daniel Levin: listen to be heard and seen and acknowledged. 

Cynthia: Yeah, beautiful Including the ego.

Daniel Levin: Yes, including the ego. 

Cynthia: Yeah, including the ego. And then when, when I feel loved seen and accepted then the ego relaxes. Then you know that loud voice suddenly, just relaxes, and 

Daniel Levin: Yeah, to me, it's almost as if a different persona comes over me. 

Cynthia: Yeah 

Daniel Levin: It's it's almost as if this being changes the first time I met on my wife I Was scared to death of her Interesting. 

Cynthia: I don't I don't know this story

Daniel Levin: She was this beautiful young 21. She's 21 years younger than I beautiful woman. And from the moment my parents passed away I was looking for that unconditional love. I Found it with my daughter because I was able to give her my unconditional love.


Daniel Levin: but she was developmentally delayed, and she sort of gave me unconditional love back, but I don't know that she knew. I don't know that her mind knew it. She just we were just like fighting and she was my daughter. So, it was easy to do. 

Cynthia: Yeah 

Daniel Levin: When I felt honest love everything in me felt invincible. My ego felt invincible It no longer needed to stand up and say look at me. Look at me, it had what it was looking for. It had this it, it was loved deeply loved everything, when it's deeply loved relaxes.


Daniel Levin: And in that practice of just deep unconditional love. Which don't get me wrong, I'm on the opposite side of that more times, than I'm on the positive side of it. But that it's like we were talking about different realms before It's like different realm enters in.

Daniel Levin:It's like this being called Daniel Levin, suddenly is not in this space in this time in this moment. There's a different space 

Cynthia: Yeah Yeah, that's um, that's really powerful and I know, we haven't talked about Ana yet. or really talked about your daughter and We could talk for hours and hours. Um, and I know your ana is a beautiful healer. And I really appreciate the work that she does in the world as well.  And actually when this podcast goes out if it's okay with you ,i'd like to include her link as well as yours in my god, of course in the pod Okay, great in the podcast description. so, people can check ana's work out, as well. Gosh the I feel like that this conversation has Gone around the universe and back again and has has All the top everything that we touched on all came back sorted to the same place from where we started and um You know the it's it's been a beautiful conversation It's been a really beautiful conversation

Daniel Levin: Your ability to do that and to hold the space for people for me has created that Circle


Daniel Levin: and I really appreciate it because I think things, that I've never said before have been on this podcast. 

Cynthia:Oh, that's exciting for me 

Daniel Levin: Yeah, only for me too that's exciting for me.

Cynthia: So, Danny I hope that you'll come back again. Because I like I said, I know we can talk for hours and hours and hours. And it's always a rich conversation and I love and appreciate you so much. 

Cynthia: So I want to thank you for being here and for everything that you shared and and I know that the listeners are going to get real value out of this conversation. And I hope that for those of you who do get value from the podcast, I really would love you to share it with your friends. Download it, share it with your friends and yeah and go from there.And if you'd like to be a guest on the podcast, if you have something you want to share, email the team. You could email Danny how do people reach out to you? How do they get in touch with you? How do they work with you? Where do they find the mosaic? And congratulations, by the way, I know you just had a big event in Las Vegas that was super successful, Congratulations on that.

Daniel Levin: Thank you so much. So, the the best place they can go is probably the That will have all or they can go to Those are both websites that and all the links to all the things will be there.But, I'm very here. Like my I don't hide behind images or thoughts or anything like that, so just reach out. I'm sure you'll have the data in the show notes. 

Cynthia: Yeah, absolutely 

Daniel Levin: Just reach out and and let's have a conversation. 

Cynthia: Yeah, absolutely

Daniel Levin: quite a bit of time, because I'm about to travel around the world in january of 2024. 

Cynthia: I was so excited about that.

Daniel Levin: And so, I would love to come to wherever you are and if you want to gather together a group of people. You know, and I'm talking to your listeners I'm. talking to you.


Daniel Levin: we'll gather together, and we'll just start to share these moments together. It's not like i'm teaching. It's just we're sitting together and talking together and we're, we're connecting pieces of ourselves to each other. And so reach out because that trip is going to start to be planned pretty soon.

Cynthia: beautiful

Daniel Levin:So, let's just have conversation. 

Cynthia: Yeah, beautiful. Beautiful. I love that and I because we know already, we're going to see each other on that trip.

Daniel Levin: Of course, absolutely! 

Cynthia: But you know, I love I love the invitation. I love the invitation to the listeners, you know wherever you are in the world to reach out. Because that's what the whole trip is about. It's about connecting and, and sitting and listening and sharing, and being in space with other people. And and I think I think in my own opinion, and I could be wrong, that that's how we heal the problems of the world.

Daniel Levin: Yeah, 

Cynthia: that's how we heal the problems of the world.

Daniel Levin: I know a lot of my problems exist when I think I'm alone. When I think I have to deal with it. I have to take care of it by myself or I have to try and figure it out by myself. 

Cynthia: Yeah 

Daniel Levin: But we're not alone We're super connected. 

Cynthia: Yeah 

Daniel Levin: And we the answer to every question we have Is one piece away from us.

Cynthia: Yeah

Daniel Levin: the opportunity to everything that we seek, is one piece away from us. And we If we could If anybody listening, would hear only one thing I'm saying, I think it would be this. Our greatest asset Is our ability to connect pieces, connect our p.e.a.c.e, to the world that needs peace. Our p. i.e. c.e. to all the other pieces that feel alone. We're not alone, we are completely only connected in the energy of this world. And the more we can come to that place of connection, this world will grow and benefit and be more and more and more beautiful. By including everybody rich, poor, good, evil, happy, sad, depressed and enlightened. All of us are a part of each other. 

Cynthia: Yeah, it'll be the most beautiful mosaic 

Daniel Levin: The beauty and that's what the that's what the love tour is about.


Daniel Levin: The love tour is about how do we start that process.


Daniel Levin: Because it doesn't take much all it takes is one person connecting to another and that person connecting to another, that person connecting, to another and then all of a sudden, we have like this thing behind my head (picture of the mosaic book).

Cynthia: Right, all right, beautiful, beautiful. Well, Danny thank so much, thank you again so much, Danny for being here. I love and appreciate you. So everyone go find the mosaic. You can get the book on amazon and all where you every place you get books out there and then go to Danny's website check him out. And if you are feel called book, go onto that link and book a consultation with Danny Sit with him spend some time with him. And we're gonna have, we're gonna talk further. I have a feeling Danny might be on the podcast again and maybe again and again after that.

Daniel Levin: Love it. I would love to thank you so much again for having me. 

Cynthia: Thank you so much Danny. I love it. I appreciate you and i'll see you on the flip side!

Daniel Levin: Okay, look forward to it. 

Cynthia: All right. Take care for now 

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